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Additives for Engineering Plastics

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1 FinaFog-PET
2 Finaslip-PET
3 Finafog-60
4 Finastat 1726
5 Finalux G-728
6 Finastat-1518
7 Finawax-OPA
8 Finawax-SE
9 Finalux G-749H
10 Finalux G-785
11 Finastat-EXL 100
12 Finastat-9500
13 Finawax-VL (Non-Vinyls)
14 Finawax-SS
15 Finawax-C
16 Finalux-G 748 (EP)
17 Finalux-G 701
18 Finalux-G 401
19 Finalux-G 322
20 Finalux-G 129 (EP)

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