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Fine Organics prepares for REACH registration

Fine Organics is preparing to comply with its obligation under the REACh legislation & is in the process of announcing to the importers and downstream users of its products, the course of action we shall take.

It is our endeavor to keep the Down-stream users – widely referred to as “DU” - informed of the developments and to also keep the users aware of its obligations under the REACh legislation which has already come into effect on June 1st 2008.

We have decided to pre-register different substances & preparations under the REACh regulation which are exported by us to our wide customer base in EU. We shall also upload all the substances / preparations with a descriptions of categories that we are planning to pre-register. These substances / preparations are under consideration for a final registration under the REACh. We shall submit to the process of registration and in the process we shall be represented by the RCC-Safepharm UK to be our ROR – REACh Only Representative – who shall be responsible for the registration and submission of dossier and test data for our products.

The pre-registration process shall be completed well within the time frame stipulated by the REACh legislation.

In order to update yourself about REACh and your obligation under the REACh, as an importer or as a user, you may log on to

As importer and users of Fine Organics products, you are requested to send us all the data related to the following aspects. This data should be sent to us before 15th July 2008 so as to be compiled and submitted to the REACh authority for preregistration.

1. Products to be purchased from Fine Organics:.................... 
2. These products are to be used by Importer's or customers for manufacture of: ................... 
3. Final end use of the customer’s product: ................... 
4. Importer's Estimated annual requirements of product : ......................

It is necessary to register ALL possible end uses and final applications of our products sold to or used by all the importers and users in EU. So also it is necessary to submit all data about the final applications or end uses for the products in which our additives are used. This data needs to be submitted by the finished product manufacturers in EU or the suppliers to these manufacturers.

If you require any REACh related information on our products, please contact:
Mr.Sagar Thosar : Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +91 22 2102 5000 to 15
Fax No : +91 22 2102 6666
Website :

Sagar Thosar
The REACh team of Fine Organics, India.